My Love, My Life

Jun 27
Ankita and Sanjay

Ankita and Sanjay

I sometimes feel…..

Tomorrow was a lifetime away,

Now it’s suddenly here….
How did it happen so quickly?
The wedding is drawing near.
How can i act so happy? How can I act so gay?
When in such a very short time,
I’ll give my freedom away….

But Then….
I’ve often wished to have a friend
With whom my choicest hours to spend
To whom I may safely impart
Each wish and weakness of my heart.
Who would in every sorrow cheer,
And mingle with my grief a tear
And to secure that bliss for life
I’d like that friend to be
My fiance, my chosen man – Sanjay 🙂

It’s how it started…
Two souls saw dream and felt it only…
Aching in their hearts, but still so lonely…
Love grew and boomed at a steady pace,
Finally blessed with his divine grace
Prayers do work, miracles do happen all in his divine glory

Don’t go too far, just ask Sanjay and me as it’s OUR STORY 🙂

– Ankita